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Virtual Library



The Pinocchio Virtual Library is located inside the Pinocchio Museum. In over 100 years of life and success, The Adventures of Pinocchio have been published in millions of volumes and translated into over 100 languages, ​in more than 350 versions, with hundreds of different illustrators who have given us their “portrait” of the puppet. How can we present this marvellous wealth of creativity and culture to the people who visit the Park? Through the help of technology!



Large interactive touchscreens are provided for visitors to explore a selection of digitised images from 100 editions of The Adventures of Pinocchio from all over the world, published from 1883 up to the present. The digital scans contain texts and illustrations from the volumes in the Collodian Library, which require careful preservation. Thanks to the touchscreen, you can browse through them without harm and with great pleasure! You can find the Pinocchio you like best, and you will certainly come across a Pinocchio that you never would have imagined…

logo Fondazione Cassa di RisparmioThe Pinocchio Virtual Library was created with the contribution of the Pistoia and Pescia branches of Fondazione Cassa Risparmio.

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