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Garzoni Garden photo gallery
Virtual tour of the Garzoni garden
Virtual tour

The Garzoni Historical Garden was laid out, in the form we see today, at the end of the eighteenth century. It is partially accessible to disabled persons, as far as the parterre to be precise, while the recently built Collodi Butterfly House is totally accessible to the disabled.

Fauno che suona il flauto



Fauno che suona i piatti


Apollo e Daphne



La Primavera


Villano con barile che versa l’acqua




Due Termini

La grotta di Nettuno

Due Termini

Villano con tacchino e scimmie

Busti di Imperatori

Due Satiri


Le due Pescie

La Fama

Il Turco

Sansone che uccide un Filisteo

Ercole e l’Idra

Villano che vuota un barile







Busto di donna

La musa Talia

La musa Melpomene


Events and Shows
Events and Shows

such as the Corale Valle dei Fiori, the Gatti Mézzi and the Trinity Church of England High School choir and orchestra from Manchester. There have also been some selection stages for Tuscany’s participant in Miss Italy, and the amazing Citromania, a spectacular event dedicated to decorative citrus fruits!

Giardino Garzoni SeraThe Garzoni Historical Garden is designed like a huge theatre of greenery and flowers, with the parterre providing the stage and the stalls, crowned by fountains, enclosed from behind by the natural ascent of the hill, and enhanced by the flights of steps and the Water Staircase.
This magnificent setting also offers good natural acoustics, which can be amplified, the possibility of setting up a stage and seating, and evocative and effective lighting at night time. It is an ideal place to host theatrical or musical events, fashion shows and concerts (summer months). The calendar is arranged by the National Carlo Collodi Foundation and enhances the identity of the Garzoni Garden as a place of culture and entertainment.

miss 09 gruppoSee the calendar of seasonal events and send us an e-mail if you would like to organise your own event or show in this location.

Artists of renown who have performed on stage at the centre of the parterre have included: Ugo Pagliai and Paola Gassman, Massimiliano Finazzer Flory, and Denia Mazzola Gavazzeni, as well as local artists or youth and orchestras, faroldi butterfly



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