Documentation and exhibition centre

Documentation and exhibition centre

Giardino Garzoni - centro documentazioni


storia Giardino Garzoni

This was once an agricultural building known as the Spaccio di Rosina, which was used for selling farm produce. Today it welcomes visitors with tickets to the Garzoni Historical Garden and the Historical, Artistic and Environmental Documentation Centre, which consists of a temporary exhibition space and a permanent exhibition on the Garzoni Historical Garden.  The temporary exhibition space features artists, photographers and researchers whose work is linked to the Garzoni Historical Garden, the Collodi Butterfly House, Pinocchio and Collodi.

The permanent exhibition retraces the history of the Garzoni Garden through annotated reproductions of archive documents from as far back as 1500, period photographs and images documenting the changes to the Garden from before to after the restoration… These materials, unavailable elsewhere, will help you discover how the garden and villa were transformed through the centuries, which great Italian actor made a romantic film in the Garzoni Garden, or which famous politicians have visited it, together with their families and even with cameras slung around their necks, like ordinary day trippers…

The Historical, Artistic and Environmental Documentation Centre of the Garzoni Historical Garden was created with the contribution of the Pistoia and Pescia branches of Fondazione Cassa Risparmio.

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