Pinocchio Park

Pinocchio Park

Pinocchio Park is a park created from a book and for a book: The Adventures of Pinocchio

As you walk, play and relax in the midst of the art, architecture and greenery, you can relive the thrills and events of the most loved and best known Italian book in the world and discover the desire to read or reread it, together (why not?) with the pleasure of good literature for children and adults.

The author of The Adventures of Pinocchio, Carlo Lorenzini, known, in fact, as Collodi, spent his childhood years in Collodi and returned here as an adult due to his great love for the place and for his mother’s family. For this reason, a great book can be discovered or remembered together here: reading, art and playing free the imagination and make life more beautiful.

Since Pinocchio Park opened in 1956, over 7 million visitors from all over the world have explored it. Pinocchio Park has grown and developed together with its visitors, but still remains faithful to the classic children’s book that adults also love to read.  So you will still find the path, with its mosaics, statues and small buildings set in the midst of the greenery, according to the various episodes of The Adventures of Pinocchio. You will find the Red Lobster Inn, which has been the Pinocchio Park restaurant since 1963. Together with these “classics”, there is also the Pinocchio Museum, with its amazing exhibitions of collections, works of art, illustrations, costumes and theatre sets dedicated to our puppet; there is the Pinocchio Virtual Library, where you can discover a thousand different faces and translations of Pinocchio from around the world on a large touchscreen; you will find the Play and Learn workshops, puppet shows, art and action games and old fairground rides, which, together with its visitors, bring Pinocchio Park to life each day.

piazzettadeimosaici-1Pinocchio Park is both managed and owned by the National Carlo Collodi Foundation. The original idea and initial development of Pinocchio Park came from a Committee for a Monument to Pinocchio, set up in the 1950s by a group of local citizens with the support of the municipality of Pescia.

Like the book The Adventures of Pinocchio, the Park also had fairly modest beginnings. Thanks to its cultural content and the enthusiasm of the public, particularly children, who loved it, it has grown and become world famous.

Discover the creators of Pinocchio Park: Emilio Greco, Venturino Venturi, Pietro Consagra, Pietro Porcinai, Giovanni Michelucci, Marco Zanuso.


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