Play and learn with Pinocchio

Play and learn with Pinocchio


giostra d'epoca

Experience Pinocchio Park while having fun with our hosts! Some of their activities are specially intended for small children, while others will also captivate and involve older visitors.

Activities and spaces for children:

Play and Learn workshops, which provide activities such as painting, decorating and creating masks or puppets from cardboard, etc., in ways best suited to the ages of the participants.

Workshops for schools

Geppetto’s Games, an area of wooden playground structures where you can go wild!

The old fairground rides, free for children, built before 1950 and restored to working order, retain their original structure and all the poetry, freshness and ingenuity of the amusements of bygone days. A true return to the Land of Toys!

Activities for everyone:

The Marionette Theatre presents the old and new adventures of Pinocchio with the help of puppets that appear on the stage;

Pinocchio’s Game of the Goose, made with ceramic tiles hand-painted by Eugenio Taccini: a traditional pastime redesigned, where you can actually participate as a token in the game or by turning the wheel that assigns the scores… but be careful not to end up on the space of the Assassins!

Carrozzone Mangiafuoco

Fire Eater’s Caravan and the Fairy’s Caravan are antique showman’s caravans that have become the homes of the two characters. Children and their parents can explore these two unique dwellings. The furniture and objects speak volumes about their inhabitants…

The Pinocchio Mechanical Theatre: this old caravan is surrounded by a diorama, namely, an animated mechanical theatre made by an anonymous fairground showman many years ago. It features a scene and a handwritten summary for each chapter of the book, while inside, two scenes from the tale are reconstructed with child-friendly characters.

You even learn while playing in Pinocchio Park!

Along the path, you’ll also come across the Ship and the Pirates’ Cave, to feel as if you are in seafaring adventure book, The Footprints of the Journey by Hossein Golba, a path towards peace made from footprints of children from all over the world, and the Trail of Whispers, which surrounds you with new and surprising sound effects!