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The National Carlo Collodi Foundation, which holds the original trademark for Collodi’s Pinocchio around the world and manages Pinocchio Park, the Garzoni Historical Garden and the Butterfly House in Collodi, is pleased to announce a special initiative for companies:

Pinocchio Libero grande

The “Official FNCC” mark: a commercial opportunity for quality companies, products and retail outlets.


For Companies:

Companies that make products related to the world of Pinocchio, the gardens or the butterflies may apply for the “Official FNCC” mark of authenticity.

This can help them increase:

– the value of their product, with a recognition that confirms its quality and adds prestige;

– their marketing opportunities, as the products will be available on the shelves of the Pinocchio Park book and souvenir shop and in the associated online store, as well as in the Foundation’s distribution circuit (dedicated corners, etc).

The companies will continue to supply the “Official FNCC” items to their own marketing channels with the official “stamp”: the “Official FNCC” holographic label.


Contact us: Placting


For retailers and distributors:

Interesting in selling or distributing “Official FNCC” products?

Would you like to create a specialised sales corner in your store, leisure or educational centre, or museum?

Full details can be obtained from: Placting


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