Location for events and photoshoots


Have you ever thought of Pinocchio Park, the Garzoni Garden and the Collodi Butterfly House as a setting for memorable occasions?

Pinocchio Park in Collodi and the Garzoni Historical Garden, overlooking the majestic Villa Garzoni, are one of the most beautiful examples of the intertwining of Italian and European art, architecture, history and culture.

Pinocchio Park, with its path through the greenery featuring mosaics, statues and buildings from the various episodes of the Adventures of Pinocchio, is the result of an artistic project by major Italian architects, landscapers and sculptors of the twentieth century.

The Garzoni Historical Garden is a genuine eighteenth-century delight that has survived virtually intact, a landscaped monument unique in Europe and a triumph of art, nature, history and folklore inspired by the Enlightenment.

They both can provide a perfect setting for gatherings of various kinds: work, social affairs, high-level entertainment or life events such as marriage. Every occasion is enhanced by the magic of art and fairy tales or art and history. The intimate or majestic views can provide an extraordinary setting for a photoshoot or video.

In addition to making events special, by choosing Pinocchio Park or the Garzoni Garden you also support the international cultural work carried out by the National Carlo Collodi Foundation for decades and contribute to its mission as the standard bearer of Pinocchio throughout the world.


The Garzoni Historical Garden is a location authorised for civil marriages by the municipality of Pescia.

Pinocchio Park and the Garzoni Historical Garden are available for:

exclusive guided tours, cocktails and aperitifs, gala suppers, buffet dinners, presentations, exhibitions, previews, inaugurations, evening events, concerts, fashion shows, workshops, lectures, meetings and conferences


Pinocchio Park and the Garzoni Historical Garden are also exclusive and original places for photoshoots and filming TV commercials and videos, and are therefore available for advertising and photographic agencies, production and media companies, fashion companies, etc.

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