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Museo Pinocchio

In the Pinocchio Museum, the creativity of the artists and passion of the collectors rule the roost! At any time of the year, you can find always new exhibitions of all kinds featuring Pinocchio: art (from painting to ceramics, graphics and other media), illustration, costumes and theatrical props, gifts and collectibles.

Before Pinocchio Park opened in 1956, neither children’s literature in general nor the Adventures of Pinocchio were considered worthy subjects as inspiration for art. Today, hundreds of artists from various fields (sculptors, painters, designers, graphic artists…) have tested their abilities and languages on the topics and characters of The Adventures, following the example of the famous names who worked on Pinocchio Park. The story continues!

Since 1993, the Museum’s temporary exhibitions have presented thousands of works and artists to the park’s visitors.

What can we say about the presence of Pinocchio in everyday life? Books, toys, objects, music (raise your hand if you can’t sing at least the chorus of a song about Pinocchio) and films, as well as posters, soft drinks, nibs, notebooks… the list of “pinocchities” in everyday life is infinite and numerous collectors seek them everywhere. You can discover what they have found in our exhibitions of Pinocchio collections.

Finally, to never forget that Pinocchio comes from a book (and what a book – a worldwide success for over a century!), you can browse our virtual library on large touchscreen monitors.

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