Virtual tour of Pinocchio Park

Virtual tour

Pinocchio Park is built like a surprise trail: it begins with two works that encapsulate the meaning of the story of Pinocchio, it continues in stages that follow the sequence of the Adventures, recalling them through sculptures, buildings and landscaping. We bet there are several characters and episodes that you don’t remember! If so… why not re-read the Adventures of Pinocchio when you get home?

The route through the Park is partially accessible to disabled visitors, as much of it was built in the early 1970s, when there were no regulations or specific indications concerning accessibility. In 1999, alternative routes were created to avoid sections where the path is excessively narrow or steep. These alternative paths also make life easier for those with babies in strollers! We can truly wish you all a great visit!

Entrance/Ticket Office

Pinocchio Museum – Virtual Library

Giant Chessboard

Art Exhibition

n05 Pinocchio and the Fairy Monument (E. Greco)

n06 Mosaic Square (V. Venturini)

n07 Gazebo

n08 Picnic Tables

n09 Footsteps of the Journey (H. Golba)

n10 Play and Learn Workshop Pagodas

n11 Pinocchio’s Game of the Goose (E. Taccini)

n12 The Village

n13 The Carabineer (P. Consagra)

n14 The Talking Cricket (P. Consagra)

n15 The Great Marionette Theatre

n16 The Red Lobster Inn – The Cat and the Fox (P. Consagra)

n17 The Assassins

n18 The Child Fairy

 The Fairy’s House

null The Snail (P. Consagra)

n21 The Tree of Gold (P. Consagra)

n22 The Serpent (P. Consagra)

n23 The Four Rabbits with the coffin (P. Consagra)

n24 The Fairy (P. Consagra)

n25 The Crab (P. Consagra)

n26 The Green Fisherman’s net and pan

n27 Little Donkey Pinocchio (P. Consagra)

n28 The Goat (P. Consagra)

n29 The Terrible Dog-Fish (M. Zanuso – A. Piccoli)

n30 Geppetto

n31 Maze (P. Porcinai)

n32 Ceramic Pinocchio (E. Taccini)

n33 Pinocchio greeting (P. Consagra)

n34 Pirate Ship (M. Zanuso)

n35 Pirates’ Cave

n36 Trail of Whispers

n37 Venetian Merry-Go-Round

n38 Horse Merry-Go-Round

n39 Waltzer

n40 Wooden Climbing Castle

n41 Mechanical Theatre

n42 Face Painting

n43 Small Marionette Theatre

n44 ICaravans of Fire Eater and the Fairy


Geppetto’s wooden games

n46 Exhibitions

n47 Exit piazza

n48 Red Lobster Inn Restaurant

n49 Bar

n50 Official  Pinocchio Shop