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The National Carlo Collodi Foundation follows some thematic and geographical guidelines for its activities.

Collodi – where Pinocchio Park is located – and the surrounding area is the place where, in addition to welcoming visitors from around the world, local events are organised in association with the municipal administration, schools and citizens’ associations.

On a national level, we organise conferences, exhibitions and educational projects, and implement collaboration with public bodies (particularly those dedicated to culture, the arts and education), foundations and associations throughout Italy. A patronage can be granted (contact: National Carlo Collodi Foundation), which is both a recognition and an opportunity for an initiative to gain greater visibility; we can collaborate in the development of a project idea, in its organisation, or participate through the loan of materials or expert intervention. In some cases, framework agreements are drawn up for collaboration that can be implemented in various ways over time.

In Europe and the world, thanks to the global renown of Pinocchio and the Collodi Foundation’s experience of over 50 years, there are frequent and numerous collaborations, particularly with regard to the promotion of Italian culture through Pinocchio and the arts, especially literature and the visual arts. Italian Cultural Institutes and embassies are privileged stakeholders and partners, together with foreign public institutions and those of the European Union. The whole of Europe has been a constant field of activity for some years, with many European projects completed or in progress: the cooperation agreement signed with the EESC – European Economic and Social Committee, and the collaboration initiated (at the proposal of the Collodi Foundation and based on an original concept) with several European public and private organisations dedicated to children’s fiction for the creation of a European Fairy Tale Route.

This proposal completes a circle: Collodi, a small town between Lucca and Valdinievole in Tuscany, is nevertheless seen by a worldwide audience and could become – in sustainable terms for residents, visitors and the environment – the European Capital of Childhood.

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