Fondazione Pinocchio – Carlo Collodi

Activities performed

The activities of a foundation must be defined and guided by its statutes and its nature as a non-profit organisation. According to the statutes, renewed and approved in 2015, the activity of the Collodi Foundation is defined at various levels:

international: primarily, by the promotion of Carlo Collodi and Pinocchio around the world, through cultural activities such as exhibitions, shows, lectures and competitions;

European: through cooperation agreements or invitations for project proposals, the Foundation’s activities are increasingly harmonised with European Union priorities and directives;

national and regional: priority is given to educational activities (training, campaigns, various cultural activities, promotion of cultural tourism) both in schools and out of the school environment;

local: the management and promotion of Pinocchio Park and the Garzoni Historical Garden, together with the Collodi Butterfly House, is combined with the organisation of events in Collodi aimed at characterising the place as the home of Pinocchio and child culture; still on the horizon, there is the development and promotion of the project for the creation of the Friends of Pinocchio Park.

La Via Della Fiaba

Some of the key steps for the realisation of this plan include:

– the important partnerships for the organisation of the most recent editions of Pinocchio’s Birthday Competition, with significant topics, and partners such as: Emergency Italia and Prosolidar Onlus for solidarity and peace, the Organising Committee of the World Road Cycling Championships 2013 in Tuscany and the FCI – Italian Cycling Federation for the design of a Pinocchio mascot as a symbol of the Italian and Tuscan World championships, and to promote the sport of cycling;


– The National Edition of the Works by Carlo Lorenzini: an ongoing activity already with prestigious tangible results;

libro Pinocchio

– accreditation as a training agency for a more solid and effective development of its activity in the field of education;

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– campaigns for the environment and sustainable lifestyles organised at an interregional level (gaining attention also at national and European level): “Pinocchio makes the difference”, “Pinocchio saves energy”, and “Pinocchio respects the environment”, which have also led to a cooperation agreement for the implementation of similar campaigns in Europe with the EESC – European Economic and Social Committee;

– the process towards participation of the Collodian Library catalogue in the SBN (national library system) network through the University of Pisa Library Centre;

sustainable tourism in Collodi: development, respect for the environment and local community, promotion of the local area through partnership with the Lions Club for the “Lions – Pinocchio of Collodi” Prize, awarded for promotion of ​the local area in relation to Pinocchio;

– collaboration with the Region of Tuscany for Expo2015 Milan on the theme “Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life”: Pinocchio was the celebrity representative for the initiatives of Tuscany and Valdinievole;

– successful participation in European calls for project proposals on child and adult education: two Comenius 2-year multilateral projects (P.IN.OKIO and ARTinED, both completed) with numerous international partnerships, 1 Grundtvig multilateral project (ALICE, completed) and 1 KA4 (ARTES, completed); 3 ERASMUS+ projects approved in 2015 and currently in progress (META, T&D Stories, ARTinED online), 1 approved and to be started out in January, 2017 (MOV-UP).

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