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DTR-Direct to Retail is a model for the creation and distribution of products, in our case those associated with PinocchioTM&©. The Collodi Foundation registered the trademark to present the collective imagination of the numerous friends of Pinocchio throughout the world with a figure/image of Pinocchio that is contemporary, yet faithful to the tradition born from the book by Carlo Collodi.

Companies interested in exploring the possibilities of forming a partnership to produce articles through a DTR-Direct to Retail deal with PinocchioTM&© can do so, without obligation, by contacting:

Logo BICBusiness International Company – B.I.C. Licensing srl
(Worldwide Master Licensor del PinocchioTM&©)
Oscar Massari
Telefono: +39 0362 337043
Fax: +39 0362 304239

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