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How can a product become an “Official” Collodi Foundation product?

All quality products featuring Pinocchio, the gardens or the butterflies can receive this mark of authenticity and thereby increase their value.

bollinoCompanies that wish to receive the Official recognition label for their products may apply for evaluation. Once we have verified their conformity to the tradition born from the book The Adventures of Pinocchio and to the cultural guidelines of the Collodi Foundation, the approved products can then display a numbered holographic label that identifies them. They will enjoy the opportunity and prestige of being sold in the official Pinocchio Park shop and its online store, as well as throughout the Foundation’s distribution network.

For more information, as well as details on the documentation and materials to submit, without any obligation, please contact:


Public and Institutional Relations
Business development
Commercial relations
Intermediation for special events and conference and training activities
Tel: 089 798490
Mobile: 329 6369402

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