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The Collodian Library is the largest catalogued collection of documents (over 6000 books, without mentioning other materials) related to the life and work of Carlo Collodi.

Since the ’50s, here the Collodi Foundation collects Italian and foreign editions of the works by Carlo Lorenzini, newspapers and magazines he edited or collaborated to,  Italian or foreign critical essays about the writer, and the socio-historical and cultural context in which he lived and worked. In addition, a section is devoted to the heroes of children’s narrations who have spread among many cultures and are now a cross and shared heritage – just like Pinocchio -, and to essays on children’s literature and illustration.

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The Collodian Library has been digitally catalogued since 1992; the previous catalogue has also been digitized, and an OPAC – which included scans of 4,800 selected newspaper articles on Carlo Collodi, Pinocchio, Pinocchio Park and the Collodi Foundation since 1951 to the 1990s – was made available at the site thanks to a contribution from the Ministry of heritage and Culture.

touch_180 Since 2011 in the Museum of Pinocchio Park all visitors can surf the Pinocchio’s Virtual Library with the help of interactive touch-screen tables. They allow to visualize texts and images from Pinocchio editions from all over the world, printed since 1883.

Since 2014 the Collodian Library is part of the SBN (National Library System) node of the University Library in Pisa Polo SBN della Biblioteca Universitaria di Pisa, whose OPAC its data are now part of. The collection of books and other documents, which the Foundation has been carrying on for over 60 years with a great effort in terms of research and resources, has always been supported by small or largers donations in books and other collectables, both from publishers or private citizens, and it still goes on.

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