Fondazione Pinocchio – Carlo Collodi

Direct to Retail

DTR-Direct to Retail is a model for the creation and distribution of products, in our case those associated with PinocchioTM&©. The Collodi Foundation registered the trademark to present the collective imagination of the numerous friends of Pinocchio throughout the world with a figure/image of Pinocchio that is contemporary, yet faithful to the tradition born from the book by Carlo Collodi.

Logo BICBusiness International Company – B.I.C. Licensing, as Worldwide Master Licensor of PinocchioTM and ©, has chosen to promote and protect it through the Direct-to-Retail Program (DTR).

Product ideas are thus developed and marketed through partnership agreements with operators from various manufacturing or marketing sectors. The products are characterised by their aesthetic and functional quality, originality, and use of new materials and new packaging, and are specifically designed for sale in three main distribution channels:

– home-gift-leisure

– souvenirs

– collector items

From the reputation of a name…

Carta d'identita Pinocchio originale Fondazione Collodi

…to its true identity!

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