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National Carlo Collodi Foundation

logo fnccThe National Carlo Collodi Foundation is a non-profit organisation. Since 1962 it has promoted children’s culture and culture for children starting from the worldwide literary masterpiece the Adventures of Pinocchio. Thanks to its artistic and human values, and above all its beloved main character, Pinocchio, this work is a tremendously effective tool for nurturing awareness in children and adults of a variety of topics and for arousing enthusiasm and a positive attitude towards quality educational and recreational proposals. The Collodi Foundation was established by the Committee for a Monument to Pinocchio, chaired by Professor Rolando Anzilotti, who designed the original portion of Pinocchio Park: Pinocchio and the Fairy by Emilio Greco and the Little Mosaic Square by Venturino Venturi, set within a landscaped area designed by Renato Baldi and Lionello De Luigi. The Committee also launched other cultural initiatives, later inherited and continued by the Collodi Foundation: the collection of Collodi editions, the study of the life and works of Carlo Lorenzini/Collodi, book writing and illustration contests for children, and competitions for schools.

The decision to continue working in the field of culture and cultural tourism, coupled with the success of Pinocchio Park – pursued by the Foundation with commitment and professionalism and confirmed by the visitors – led to the establishment, in 1962, of the National Carlo Collodi Foundation, recognised by Presidential Decree no. 1313 of 18 July 1962.

monumento-a-pinocchioThe Foundation now owns and manages Pinocchio Park; through Sviluppo Turistico Collodi srl, it also manages the Garzoni Historical Garden and the Collodi Butterfly House, where it organises educational and cultural activities; it purchased and renovated Villa Arcangeli in Collodi as its headquarters and to house the Collodi Library; and it has set up permanent and travelling exhibitions, promoted conferences, research, translations, competitions and awards, published essays and art books, and promoted and implemented national and European projects, in association with cultural institutions and operators in Italy and throughout the world.

To promote a culturally motivated image of the puppet Pinocchio and, at the same time, to financially support its own activities, the Collodi Foundation has copyrighted a Pinocchio faithful to Collodi’s original version (see: DTR), for which it grants licensed use (contact: Fondazione Nazionale Carlo Collodi). More recently, it has also launched a certification activity for products related to Pinocchio, which it certifies with special labels (contacts: Placting).

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