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meta-logo-coloreIt is approaching to its close the first phase of the project “META – Minorities Education through the Art”, funded by the Erasmus + program, KA3. META coordinator is the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation aisbl (Belgium), in partnership with: Fondazione Nazionale Carlo Collodi (Italy); University if Florence-SCIFOPSI Education Sciences and Psychology Department (Italy); ERIO-European Roma Information Office (Belgium); Stiftung Pfefferwerk (Germany). The project activities take place in 4 countries: Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain, and will be further implemented until April 2018.

META aims to advance the eradication of barriers that cause inequity in European education systems trough arts-based didactic. META believes that arts in the classroom can play a positive role  for the inclusion of children in preschool and primary education belonging to minority groups and/or with a migrant background.
A META Pedagogical Methodology and an Advocacy Toolkit are born as a result of collection of good practices of arts for inclusive education all over the world and a thorough stakeholders’ needs analysis. An in depth impact evaluation is also ongoing, with the objective of producing sound evidences of success of META approach.
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