Fondazione Pinocchio – Carlo Collodi


Parco Collodi PescaraThe mission of the National Carlo Collodi Foundation is to promote children’s culture and culture for children in Italy and around the world through the character of Pinocchio and his adventures, created by Carlo Lorenzini Collodi. It is children’s culture and culture for children manifested in upbringing, education, the arts, the media and all social spheres where children are involved and entitled to integrate themselves in a manner appropriate to their needs and level of knowledge, sensitivity, expression and development.

EU Location mapIts vision is to make Collodi the town of children, namely a place that is a symbol, model and workshop for how a community can be structured based primarily on the needs of children; the European capital of childhood, a leading proponent of the “European Fairy Tale Route” cultural itinerary – and to propose the Collodi model as a complex of actions or as a sectoral action that can be replicated in specific contexts, where the environment and aims are similar to those of the Collodi Foundation.

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