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In July 2009, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities established the National Edition of the Works of Carlo Lorenzini. This result was achieved thanks to the constant and persistent efforts of the National Carlo Collodi Foundation, which managed the application process, gathering hundreds of documents and dozens of prestigious endorsements. Moreover, the Foundation has worked for decades to gain due recognition for the intellectual figure and cultural work of Carlo Lorenzini Collodi alongside the undisputed and well-deserved reputation of The Adventures of Pinocchio. Journalist, writer, playwright, critic of various art forms, intellectual engaged in the Risorgimento debate and attentive analyst of his contemporary society: Carlo Lorenzini/Collodi’s contribution to national culture has gained official recognition with the establishment of the National Edition.

The National Edition is a fundamental step for the work of a writer: it officially sets him or her among the cornerstones of Italian literary culture. It is recognised and established by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, which strictly evaluates the requests presented by means of an expert committee.

i Racconti delle fateThe establishment of the National Edition of the work of Carlo Lorenzini Collodi is an objective that was constantly pursued by the Collodi Foundation, which prepared and presented the request. It is thanks to the documentation compiled through decades of study and research promoted by the Foundation that it was possible to demonstrate the value of Carlo Collodi in national literature: not only as the author of Pinocchio, but as a man of letters in every sense, who was deeply involved in the cultural debate and civil issues of his time.

In the case of Carlo Collodi, the request had huge support from domestic and foreign cultural institutions, such as the Spadolini-Nuova Antologia Foundation, the Gioacchino Rossini Foundation, camilleri_180 the Crusca Academy and the Gabinetto Vieusseux. Prestigious names are contributing to the publication of the various volumes, preparing presentations, introductions, notes and comments that reveal the richness and depth of Collodi’s work: for example, Nobel laureate in Literature Mario Vargas Llosa and writer Andrea Camilleri (did you know that Carlo Collodi also wrote a thriller?).

libro-illustrazioni.bartolini_180He was a writer, journalist, playwright, scholar and commentator on opera and painting, an attentive reader of foreign literature and a traveller who followed his own “cultural trails”: Carlo Lorenzini/Collodi is revealed as a man of culture who was able to connect various different aspects of art, and to connect culture to the social and political life of his time, at a national and European level.

The official edition of the complete works requires years of preparation: established in 2009, by 2015 the National Edition had already published four volumes and was working on the fifth out of the 14 that are planned. The cultural work and scientific research is carried out by the Committee for the National Edition, composed as follows:

Daniela Marcheschi, President;
Members: Renato Bertacchini, Riccardo Campa, Vincenzo Cappelletti, Cosimo Ceccuti, Elvio Guagnini, Umberto Margiotta
Secretary Treasurer: Daniele Narducci

Prof. Renato Bertacchini passed away on August 30, 2011.

Daniela Marcheschi, President;
Members: Riccardo Campa, Vincenzo Cappelletti, Cosimo Ceccuti, Elvio Guagnini, Umberto Margiotta
Secretary Treasurer: Daniele Narducci

In addition to State funding, the preparation of the work is supported by the Region of Tuscany and Collodi Foundation’s own funds. The work is co-published, printed and distributed by Giunti publishers in Florence.

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