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The flagship projects of the Collodi Foundation in the 2000s were those implemented directly or in collaboration with partners and dedicated to education, one of the statutory objectives and a central activity of Carlo Lorenzini/Collodi in his later years as a writer.

Pinocchio rethinks the world, which includes Pinocchio makes a difference and Pinocchio saves energy, is an inter-regional project, also feasible on a national scale and beyond, created to educate primary school children with regard to segregated waste disposal and energy saving, to achieve an overall lifestyle with a low environmental impact and low carbon dioxide emissions. The project, on an inter-regional scale, was designed and implemented in collaboration with COSEA Ambiente, a consortium of public bodies for municipal waste treatment. One of its particular aspects was to transform the school diary from an expensive gadget of dubious utility into a tool for learning, through the proposal throughout the year of information, visual communication based on Pinocchio and the characters of his story, quizzes and suggestions, which – combined with a website created specifically for use by teachers, children and families – provided a complete course of learning, with consolidation of what was learned.

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On a European scale, various international projects were conceived, funded by the EU and implemented as part of the Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013, mainly dedicated to education and culture for children:

ARTES, a project for the exchange and development of projects considered as best practices in the field of art, as a vehicle for education and social inclusion (known as inclusive art). The Collodi Foundation is a partner and, in addition to collaborating in the platform dedicated to the community of practice created by the project (, it organised the International ARTES Conference (Florence, November 14-15, 2014) in association with ISI Florence and with the patronage of the Region of Tuscany and the City of Florence (click here to download the Proceedings);

– Comenius projects: for inter-culture in primary schools through narrations for children and Web 2.0 (P.IN.OKIO); for use of the arts as a methodology for teaching and communicating the contents of all school subjects, prioritising the multiple intelligences of children and teachers (ARTinED);

– the Grundtvig project (for non-professional adult education), in which the Foundation developed and tried out a section devoted to narration as an opportunity for adult-child education and as a shared and shareable learning relationship between adults and children (ALICE).

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For the longer term and in other areas:

– creation of the National Edition of the works of Carlo Collodi (which the Collodi Foundation promoted and for which it provides cultural and practical support);

– creation and development of the web portal, an ongoing experiment in communication and promotion of culture online;

– the project for the Polycentric Collodi-Pinocchio Park.

Programmes for the 2015-2017 yrs. [download PDF]

– News from Poland

T&D Stories project  an Erasmus + funded  project coordinated by  The Bielsko Artistic Association Grodzki Theatre has been nominated to “EDUinspiracje2018” – an annual award of the Erasmus+ National Agency in Poland for the successful projects in the field of education.
The aim of the EDUinspiracje competition is to select the most valuable projects, especially in terms of disseminating results and sharing your experience and success with others. The EDUinspiracje competition is carried out under the slogan: “Share your success”.
The Fondazioine Nazionale Carlo Collodi, partner in the project, implemented the project activities in collaboration of the students and the teachers  of the School Sismondi Pacinotti di Pescia.
Link to the project website

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