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History, Statutes and Bodies

foto storica FNCCThe Collodi Foundation was established by the Committee for a Monument to Pinocchio, chaired by Professor Rolando Anzilotti, who designed the original portion of Pinocchio Park: Pinocchio and the Fairy by Emilio Greco and the Mosaic Piazza by Venturino Venturi, set within a landscaped area designed by Renato Baldi and Lionello De Luigi.

The Committee also launched other cultural initiatives, later inherited and continued by the Collodi Foundation: the collection of Collodi editions [link to the BC page], the study of the life and works of Carlo Lorenzini/Collodi, book writing and illustration contests for children, and school contests.

foto storica FNCCThe decision to continue working in the field of culture and cultural tourism, coupled with the success of Pinocchio Park – pursued by the Foundation with commitment and professionalism and confirmed by the visitors – led to the establishment, in 1962, of the National Carlo Collodi Foundation, recognised by Presidential Decree no. 1313 of 18 July 1962.

In the 1990s, the Collodi Foundation confirmed the accomplishment of all the statutory objectives it had set itself; in brief:

– to promote the works of Carlo Collodi around the world, particularly The Adventures of Pinocchio;

– to build a Library Museum to adequately house the collection of Italian and foreign editions of Collodi’s works, essays and critical studies on the subject, and the writers’ memorabilia and memoires, to highlight his role in Italian and world literature;

– to organise regular cultural events, awards, conventions, congresses, conferences and exhibitions;

– to promote and encourage publications aimed at promoting Collodi’s work

– to issue awards for competitions or scholarships;

– to stimulate and encourage writers to write for children;

– to promote the rise of a research centre on children’s literature in Collodi;

– to preserve the Pinocchio Monumental Park and maintain, improve, expand and promote it.

For this reason, it initiated a discussion that concluded with a revision of the Statutes, with the addition of new objectives to the original ones and expanding and consolidating the role of the Collodi Foundation as an operator in culture, cultural tourism and education at national and international level.

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The National Carlo Collodi Foundation, through its Managing Board, can give the charge of CORRESPONDING BOARD MEMBERS. This charge allows those who accept it to start out or organize specific activities that support the institutional aims of the Collodi Foundation. These activities may be: popularization of the life and work of Carlo Collodi, promotion of Pinocchio Park, workshops to encourage children’s and young people’s reading, cultural events in general.

The charge is to be taken in volunteer and free-of-charge form. The activities are to be planned in agreement with the Collodi Foundation, that decides case by case whether and how much to support them with own funds.

By December, 2016, the following are in charge of CORRESPONDING BOARD MEMBERS:

Anna Caterina Barocco;

Anna Maria Becattini

Erika Bernacchi;

Angela Betti;

Antonio Buccioni;

Domenico Careddu;

Gionata Francesconi;

Giuseppe Garavaglia;

Sofia Gavriilidis;

Corrado Genova;

Giuseppe Goisis;

Yrja Haglund;

Maurizio Incerpi

Cinzia Laurelli;

Francesco Leoncini;

Paola Lorenzini;

Luisa Marinho Antunes;

Sandra Cristina Marto Serrario;

Andrea Massaini;

Gianni Micali;

Alfredo Pasquinelli;

Alberta Piroci;

Massimo Riva;

Luciana Sidari;

Alida Tua;

Richard Wunderlich.

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