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Technical Partners

The National Carlo Collodi Foundation is a non-profit organisation; however, by organising its institutional cultural activities along corporate lines, it is able to develop other activities from them of a more properly commercial nature, for the purpose of materially supporting the institutional activities that do not directly generate profit.

For the management of activities of a commercial nature, the Collodi Foundation relies on the work and expertise of specialised partners: Sviluppo Turistico Collodi Ltd, controlled by the Collodi Foundation, which is mainly involved in the promotion and management of the areas and services intended for visitors and the promotion of cultural tourism in Collodi; BIC-Business International Company, a leader in the licensing sector; Placting, which is dedicated to marketing and communication activities.

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Business International Company-B.I.C. Licensing srl
Mr Oscar Massari
Phone: +39 0362 337043
Fax: +39 0362 304239

Phone: +39 089 798490
Mob.: +39 329 6369402


Società Agricola Giorgio Tesi Vivai S.S.

Via di Badia, 14 – 51100 Bottegone (Pistoia) – Italia

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