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The Collodi Foundation has always cultivated international relations: the presence of Pinocchio in the cultural panorama of every country in the world and the reputation of the institution allow the establishment of significant and often long-lasting partnerships for research and promotion.

eu_flag_llp_enSince 2007, this activity has also taken the form of European planning for participation in calls for funding proposals. It gained immediate recognition, with proposals funded for child and adult education projects based on Pinocchio and literature as the stimulus for intercultural dialogue, for encounter between generations, for a new approach to learning in primary schools, and for broad dissemination of awareness and new lifestyles as topics for sustainable development and a zero-carbon-emission society.

Partnership proposals for future actions in the field of education, culture, research, training and tourism may be made directly to the Collodi Foundation.

The Collodi Foundation is currently a partner in the following ERASMUS+ projects:

META – Minorities Education through Art; the project is aimed at outlining methodological proposals based on the arts for use in school curricula in EU countries to increase the integration and academic success of minorities. The project is implemented within the Erasmus+ framework of action – Forward-looking Cooperation;

MOV-UP on training to pre-school and primary school teachers who deal with pupils at risk of social marginalization, especially when from underprivileged contexts;

ARTinED online – A New Approach to Education Using the Arts; this is aimed at creating a web platform and a course for teachers who want to learn or improve the methodology developed in the Comenius ARTinED project, where the arts are viewed as a tool for learning in various subjects across the primary school curriculum;

T&D Stories – Theatre and Digital Storytelling for Teaching and Training Development; the project involves the development of a methodology for teaching mainly visual forms of communication (in theatre or through digital storytelling) for use by educators and social workers who work with people with permanent or temporary verbal communication difficulties, whether oral or written;

The former two are funded in the framework of ERASMUS + Looking-forward Cooperations, the latter two both come under the ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnerships.

More projects already succesfully implemented are:


PINOKIO: a project for intercultural and social inclusion in primary schools through children’s stories from all countries and Web 2.0 (COMENIUS c.m.p., 2009-2011; the Collodi Foundation coordinated the project);


ARTinED: a new approach to education through use of the arts as a methodology for teaching all subjects, including science (COMENIUS c.m.p., 2011-2013; the Collodi Foundation coordinated the project);

Artes logo thumb

ALICE: a new approach to education through the use of the arts as a methodology for teaching all subjects, including science (COMENIUS c.m.p., 2011- conclusion in 2013; the Collodi Foundation coordinated the project);

ARTES: a KA4 project (2013-2015) funded within the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme and aimed at the further dissemination and development of projects considered as best practices in the field of art, as a vehicle for education and social inclusion (known as inclusive art). The Collodi Foundation was a partner and, in addition to collaborating in the platform dedicated to the project’s community of practice (, it organised the International ARTES conference held in Florence on the 14 and 15 November 2014, in association with ISI Florence and with the patronage of the Region of Tuscany and the City of Florence, and published the Proceedings as a free e-book.

ceseWith the EESC – European Economic and Social Committee, the Collodi Foundation has signed a cooperation agreement for the creation of campaigns on environmental issues centred on the figure of Pinocchio, to be implemented as part of an international network.

The Collodi Foundation also participates in the Italian Network of the “Anna Lindh” Foundation for intercultural dialogue across Europe and the Mediterranean.

The Collodi Foundation has opened a contact point in Brussels for dialogue with EU institutions and potential partners for the design and implementation of actions at a European level:

Brussels Office
c/o BUROTEL, 4 Rue de la Presse, B-1000 BRUXELLES
Reception (in English, French and Flemish): Mon. – Thurs. 9:00 am-6:00 pm, Fri. 9:00 am-5:00 pm
Tel. +32 (0)2 2271111
fax +32 (0)2 2183141

Appointed local representative: Cinzia Laurelli, advisory liaison (present on Thursdays from 9:15 am-4:30 pm)

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