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The Mastro Geppetto company, owned by Fratelli Piana & Co., originates from a generation of wood turners who for over sixty years have produced chess pieces, spheres and columns, and still make the tokens used for the famous game Monopoly.

The company’s ample production range includes several flagship products, but their true pride and joy is still the production of over 60 models of the famous wooden puppet, Pinocchio, which are exported worldwide.

Mastro Geppetto looks to the future with confidence in their work capacity, convinced of being able to continue a craft in which they have proven to be masters… ‘Mastro Geppetto’, indeed! The excellence of their work has been recognised through conferral of the “Piemonte Eccellenza Artigiana” mark.

The name of the Bartolucci family has been associated with woodworking since 1936. In that year, the four brothers founded a small accordion factory in Belvedere Fogliense, which remained in business until the 1950s.  In 1981, Francesco revived the family tradition and carved his first puppet.

Today, Bartolucci is a limited company with 32 employees and a modern management system. The present-day production site is located in the Montecalvo industrial area in Foglia, where traditional working methods have been integrated with the use of new technologies.

“Wood is our material”! A living material from which we obtain items that are unique, precious and full of emotions: gift items and collectibles, furnishing accessories and toys, all strictly made in Italy. Each object begins with an original design and is finished by hand… We use wood from FSC-certified plantations and paints compliant with European standards, out of respect for environmental and social sustainability”.

Djeco is a French company that has been making toys since 1954. It is known all over the world for specialising in creative and educational games for children of all ages: from wooden toys to jigsaw puzzles and card games.

“Creating is something we really love to do! In our Paris office, the Djeco creative team dreams up and designs all the toys, with dedication, passion and, above all, fun…!” This is the true identity of the company, which combines its own rigorous requirements with all the necessary safety standards in order to always achieve a result of impeccable quality.

Djeco has created a beautiful 50-piece Pinocchio jigsaw puzzle in a colourful shaped box. It features three scenes from the adventures of the beloved puppet.

The product has Official FNCC certification of authenticity.

In 1831, the young wood carver and marquetry craftsman, Josef Anton Senoner, founded the Sevi company in Ortisei, Val Gardena, which became famous throughout the world for the style and philosophy of its wooden toys, furniture and accessories.

Sevi was acquired by the Trudi company in 1998, although it has remained faithful to the principles of its founder and preserved the values that made it famous: its wood craftsmanship, the lively creativity of its collections and attention to the quality of its products.

Sevi is now an internationally known and appreciated brand that offers an ever-growing range of games, decorations and accessories. It produces ever-larger collections of games, which include important features for stimulating learning and creativity.

The workshop of the modern-day Mastro Geppetto can be found in the mountains of Bergamo, where Mauro Dolci continues the tradition of his father, Raphael.  Raffaele Dolci began making the famous wooden puppets over 50 years ago, when, having browsed through some illustrated books with the story of Collodi’s character, he set to work, attempting to reproduce it on his lathe.

With the exception of a few slight alterations, the marionette produced by hand today by his son Mauro is still the same.

“I simply tried to “package” the tale of Pinocchio in its most varied forms, by mixing and matching objects and drawings of the puppet by various artists and texts in different languages. My aim was to celebrate this fantastic character through a personal approach that could “systemise” and sublimate artisan products, at times a little Kitsch, with appeal to young and old alike.”
Aldo Capasso

In spring 2012, Grafica Pisana officially presented its new product “Andalù®”: a printing and publishing line distinguished by its creativity, fantasy and Italian character.

The decision to make the first imprinting on this line with illustrations of the characters from Pinocchio stems from the fact that this puppet, known throughout the world, is automatically associated with Italy and Italian products.

It is a motive of pride for us that all Andalù® products are manufactured entirely in our own workshops, from the design concept to printing, finishing and packaging.

Our company has been involved for years in the creation and distribution of gift items featuring official graphics for which we hold licenses, granted by sports, culture, leisure and entertainment companies.

Due to both local affinity and love for the character, we could hardly fail to include an official line in our catalogue featuring Pinocchio, a character on whom we focussed all our creative potential to create a wide range of articles for the world of stationery, furnishings and gifts.

The support of the National Carlo Collodi Foundation was of fundamental importance in terms of maintaining our policy of respect and protection of marketed brands, as a further guarantee of the official approval and authenticity we offer to our customers.

Once upon a time, there was Valsecchi, a lively company specialised in working with solid wood, which, as is almost always the case, was founded on a family history. It is a story that began in the early 1900s, when Giacomo Valsecchi started turning file handles. Thanks to that extraordinary capacity for reinvention seen in many Italian companies, it continued with the production of wooden toys in the 1930s and of clothes racks and household accessories in the more recent 1970s.

The Valsecchi 1918 brand was born from Valsecchi’s experience and know-how. The dream of a new generation, which chose to return to its origins (hence the reference to the year of foundation) to create a design line that could showcase its own DNA. The aim of their search was to explore the vast expressive potential of wood to create a new linguistic alphabet composed of modernity and tradition. Thus, a collaborative work process took shape, which relies on the contribution of the best designers to offer a living, emotional and extraordinarily natural reinterpretation of solid wood furniture.

Kartos is a leading Italian company in the production of letter stationary, calling cards, wedding, baptism, communion and confirmation invitations, parchment diplomas, fine paper for gift wrapping, decoupage and bricolage, greeting cards for all occasions and matching gift sets.

The Kartos Pinocchio collection, with Official FNCC approval, printed and packaged with gold leaf decorations, combines refinement, originality, charm and elegance, both in the packaging and as a gift that makes your ideas special!



In Legnomagia, creativity is a way of life and work, an all-encompassing discipline without limits. It is an alchemy that permeates the daily activities of the staff… a creativity that often requires freedom of thought, which is willingly granted! The artistic and poetic nature is often stimulated, giving rise to the exclusive and extraordinary products that only Legnomagia can produce.

Legnomagia products, dictated by heart, intuition, mind and use, satisfy those who love them. They are a eulogy to slowness as opposed to haste, because they do not pursue a market that is mysterious, demanding, globalised and confused. The implicit reference to play lends an aura of mystery to the functions, even the oldest ones that seem obsolete. With the more modest and simple objects, there is always an attempt to do better, with the help of sympathy, pleasure, colour and the necessary everyday touch. This was the context in which a new line of products featuring Pinocchio was developed in 2014, in association with FNCC. Made in Italy, naturally!