Activities and Events at the Garzoni Garden


As a “natural” stage, the historical Garzoni Garden hosts events and shows and is a popular location with directors and photographers

Beginning in April, entertaining educational workshops are organized for children: the Fairy’s workshop and technical ones like the gardening workshop. The illustrated storytelling course starts here on weekends (and on holidays if no other events are planned).

2 pm, the World of Pinocchio illustrated storytelling course: from the Butterfly House to Pinocchio Park.

3 pm, play or educational workshops for children.

The Butterfly House also hosts such cultural events as performances and art openings in the learning room that becomes a sort of stage for the occasion.

Attività Garzoni principale

A “natural” stage, the historical Garzoni Garden hosts events and shows and is a location popular with directors and photographers

Attività Garzoni notte

The Garzoni Garden, in its evocative nocturnal frame.

Attività eventi immagine 1

The Garzoni Garden is the ideal location for any type of event.

Attività eventi immagine 2

The historical Garzoni Garden’s large parterre provides a fitting welcome to official ceremonies, meetings, and numerous other gatherings

Attività Garzoni immagine 3

The Italian Touring Club national and the Ferrari Club Passione Rossa Italia rallies are examples of official ceremonies hosted in the Garzoni Garden

Attività Garzoni immagine 4

The garden and the villa’s interiors can be used for charming photo shoots.