Pinocchio's birthday

Pinocchio's birthday

compleanno scuole

The Carlo Collodi National Foundation (FNCC) sponsors and organizes the 2022 contest for 
Pinocchio's 34th birthday under the following rules:

1. Competition Purpose 
Pinocchio's birthday encourages the knowledge of and interest in social and cultural issues that will motivate children, families, and schools to actively participate in a process of thought and creation.
Pinocchio's Birthday 2022 has revised its formula and will now include publishing the participating works on a dedicated page on the website, where both a special jury and the general public can vote on them.
The aims in the 2022 competition are to:

  • Encourage children’s free expression through drawing as well as group and individual creations
  • Promote the rediscovery of writing by hand
  • Support an understanding of art through Pinocchio and Giotto
  • Foster the creation of comics using traditional and innovative techniques
  • Expand familiarity with theater and music inspired by Pinocchio
  • Discover more about city environments, especially gardens, through their flowers and butterflies
  • Support freehand artistic expression to write or invent posters for walls in the Land of Toys
  • Highlight knowledge of a text recognized culturally all over the world, like "The Adventures of Pinocchio";
  • Strengthen the school's PTOF (three-year curriculum plan)

Click here and download the announcement for Pinocchio's 34th birthday competition