Working together with institutions and promoters


Together for a greener future.

Two of Pistoia’s symbols worldwide come together to strengthen their image internationally by launching an ecological message.
Plants produce oxygen, and a greener planet is healthier and more beautiful


Pinocchio, the selfish puppet, was able to become a beloved and happy child, thanks to the love of his father Geppetto and the Blue Fairy. So, four children sponsored by the Carlo Collodi National Foundation and Pinocchio Park visitors have been able to start a journey together with their families and the educators who follow them in the countries where they live, to have hope in the future and a dignified life now


Pinocchio Park in Collodi, managed by the Carlo Collodi National Foundation, is also one of the parks that welcomes visitors as part of Fruttalandia, the ZUEGG initiative.
Thanks to a "MondoParchi ONE DAY" voucher, which can be found inside packages of ZUEGG products in promotion, a visit to one of the splendid partner parks can be organized, taking advantage of special discounts.

At Pinocchio Park, children up to 13 years of age can experience the magical "Adventures" and step into the world’s most famous story, totally free of charge.