The Historical Garzoni Garden

The Historical Garzoni Garden

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The garden has attracted princes, scholars, and enthusiasts for centuries with its statues, water features, and hidden corners. 

Statues and symbols stand out or hide in the greenery throughout the historical Garzoni Garden (try to find the Turk!). A sometimes enigmatic narrative intended for the visitor.

Let your imagination run free while you appreciate the variety of plants. The delicate hydraulic system largely traces the 18th-century one and, as a result, feeds the water features, waterfalls, and fountains. Refreshing paths lead from the Scala d’Acqua (Cascades) to such suggestive corners as the Teatro di Verzura; the Viale dei Poveri, flanked by picturesque figures; and the Maze. (This last sight is recommended for engaged couples, as it is said that walking through it ensures a long-lasting marriage and romance!) The unique and special Bagnetti Pavilion offers all types and shapes of basins, with each space designed to be hidden from the others. Not even the small orchestra that entertained the ladies and gentlemen while “bathing” could see what was happening below the stage. Thus, guests could enjoy the pleasure of cool water in the utmost discretion and, if they wished, also dedicate themselves to more mischievous amusements. 


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Villa Garzoni’s majestic and luxuriant garden presents a typical Baroque spectacle of statues, mazes, and imposing staircases.

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The entire historical Garzoni Garden is populated by symbols and statues, either conspicuous or hidden, located amidst the green vegetation.

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The garden welcomes its visitors as if inside a theater, with numerous flower beds, statues, large circular pools, and distinctive water features.

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The statue of Fame stands at the top, blowing into a shell from which a jet of water rushes out, tracing a very high arc.

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According to an ancient tradition, lovers have found that a visit to the garden bodes well for their future.

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One of the garden’s most charming corners is the bridge above the maze.