Activities and Events

Parco di Pinocchio attività
Activities and Events
Storytelling Paths. The Talking Cricket will tell you about Pinocchio Park, revealing its many wonders.
Play and Learn Workshops. The most suitable activities (e.g., painting, decoration, and mask or puppet construction using cardboard) are offered according to the participants’ ages.
Geppetto’s Games are an area with wooden structures where you can let loose!
These pre-1950 rides, free for children, have been restored to working order, retaining their original structures plus all the poetry, spontaneity, and innocence of amusements from days gone by—a veritable return to the Land of Toys!
Face painting to become one of the characters in the novel.
The Puppet Theater presents Pinocchio’s old and new adventures with the help of puppets that look out from behind the curtain.
The Pinocchio Board Game was constructed using hand-painted ceramic tiles by Eugenio Taccini. This traditional game has been redesigned to let you personally be a game piece or turn the wheel that assigns the scores. But be careful not to end up on the square with the Assassins!
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