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Osteria del Gambero Rosso, restaurant and pizzeria

The theme restaurant inside Pinocchio Park

Osteria del Gambero Rosso, restaurant and pizzeria
Historical Restaurant in Collodi’s Pinocchio Park
Via S. Gennaro, 3 – 51014 Collodi – Pescia (PT)
RESERVATIONS, INFO, AND TIMES: Tel. +39 0572 427329

Experience the magic of Pinocchio’s fairy tale through the menus and fantastic setting!
The large, impressive Osteria del Gambero Rosso, designed by Giovanni Michelucci, has hosted Pinocchio Park’s official restaurant since 1963. The hospitality and gastronomy of this locale have been revamped through the partnership with the Carlo Collodi National Foundation. The Osteria del Gambero Rosso serves Pinocchio Park’s visitors and welcomes other customers for lunch and dinner. There is a wide choice from the à la carte menu to ordering from the appetizing tourist and children’s menus—all brought to the table by characters from the tale of Pinocchio! In addition, the amply spacious Osteria del Gambero Rosso is the ideal venue for groups or receptions with numerous guests.

Osteria Gambero Rosso

Two possibilities: for those in a hurry, the tree-shaded bar kiosk offers hot first courses, pizzas, and snacks. Unquestionably, the essential experience is eating with Pinocchio at the Osteria del Gambero Rosso!

Osteria Gambero Rosso 2

The Osteria del Gambero Rosso: the red concrete pillars in the room allude to a crab’s claws.

Il Chiosco

For a pleasant stop under the shady trees

Il Chiosco 2

A well-equipped outdoor area is available for anyone who packs a lunch.