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Welcome to the Butterfly House

The Collodi Butterfly House is inhabited by hundreds of butterflies native to tropical or equatorial regions, home to the largest and most colorful. These living specimens are free to fly about in a lush tropical garden abounding in plants, flowers, and fruits—a perfect recreation of their original environment.  

Here, butterflies and moths court, feed, and reproduce, in perfect harmony with their host environment, free from enemy insects and spiders owing to the small birds that feed on them but do not touch the caterpillars or butterflies. A walk into this fascinating world lets you observe all stages of development from egg to butterfly, note differences between diurnal butterflies and nocturnal butterflies (moths), and understand the defensive and communicative colors and designs used for survival purposes by the caterpillars or on the butterfly’s wings.

Indeed, they threaten and deceive predators, help butterflies conceal themselves, or find a breeding partner.