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School-trip programs organized by the Carlo Collodi National Foundation

The trip to the World of Pinocchio is a fun learning experience.
They are recommended for kindergarten/pre-school, primary, and lower/ upper secondary schools.


Kindergarten/Pre-school: €14 per child and teachers free. Download the brochure: 

Primary and Secondary: €16 per child and 1 teacher free for every 10 children. Free admission for Law 104 children and support teachers.

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Illustration of the educational trip to the Collodi-Pinocchio Multicentric Park

This entertaining and educational trip to the Collodi-Pinocchio Polycentric Park is the cognitive journey to places related to Carlo Collodi and his best-known novel, The Adventures of Pinocchio.

Journalist, writer, hero of the Risorgimento, Carlo Lorenzini chose to use the pseudonym "Collodi" for Pinocchio and other children’s books, referring to the medieval village from which his mother Angiolina Orzali originally came. As a child, Carlo often visited his grandparents in this village set between the provinces of Pistoia and Lucca. The Orzali house is a short distance from the Garzoni villa and garden, where the writer's father (Domenico) and mother were both employed by the "lords of the manor".

Angiolina, in particular, was in service at the villa and Carlo was well acquainted with this magical garden, a national monument included in the handful that forms the European Route of Historic Gardens, an artistic-cultural itinerary recognized by the Council of Europe.

This "green" 18th-century masterpiece contains the famous Butterfly House, recognized as a learning center on insects. A 100-meter walk leads to Pinocchio Park, which began in 1956 and is dedicated to the most translated Italian book in the world. With the commitment and protection of the Superintendency of Fine Arts, Pinocchio Monumental Park is truly an open-air museum, a collective work of art to which some of the most significant artists and architects of the 20th century have contributed. Inside, there are entertaining, educational activities related to the Land of Toys: an interactive museum, exhibition areas, adventure trails, a  hands-on workshop but also genuine museum pieces from before the park’s creation—vintage rides, Pinocchio's Mechanical Theater, and the gypsy caravans used by wandering artists (like Mangiafuoco!) after the First World War to earn a living.

The Carlo Collodi National Foundation owns the park, villa, garden, and butterfly house. The foundation was recognized as a cultural institution by the Italian State, with Presidential Decree no. 1313 of 18 July 1962, which promotes and supports cultural and social initiatives for children and young people in Italy and around the world.
Its main office is in Collodi, in Villa Arcangioli, where the Collodian Library is also located.

The foundation has a second office in Brussels.